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California State Parks in the Bay Area


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  1. Is this an updated list for 2012? I see the date above is for Sept 2011. I accessed this page from a link in a current article re: the recent 2012 reprieves. Any info would help,


    1. Hi Nicole – I first created this page in September 2011, but the list is up to date as of July 1, 2012. I will see about changing the page date because I don’t want to confuse anyone. Thanks for pointing it out!

    1. You made my day, Glenn!
      I am so glad you wrote and included a link to your site ( I look forward to following your posts. I am a big fan of Mono Lake as well and once kayaked there. I agree that it felt like “paddling on another planet.” The situation at Mono Lake and the closure is somewhat more complex because there are both federal and state jurisdictions there. The South Tufa Reserve is on the federal side, but the agencies collaborate back and forth. The State Parks Dept. and Mono Lake Comm. have essentially been running trail maintenance and public interpretation at the South Tufa Reserve for the feds. Geoff McQuilkin, the executive director of the Mono Lake Committee, told me he was very concerned that that site would deteriorate as well as the other two access points in the state’s jurisdiction. The state also oversees concessionaire agreements on the lake to make sure that people follow safety protocols and protect wildlife. So, he was not sure of what would happened to that process.

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